Everyone wants to win more matches in FIFA 14 but most people overlook one of the easiest ways to score goals, custom freekicks!

To be honest with you, I’m guilty of this myself. I just want to get on the pitch and play. I’m usually too lazy to spend time on the training ground messing around with custom tactics. The trial and error involved in tweaking starting positions and fine tuning players’ runs one by one until it clicks is just too much for my fish like attention span.

Luckily for us, custom freekick aficionado and all round FIFA 14 expert, Wessamo Ronaldo, has done all the hard work for us and has been kind enough to show us three of his set ups that he uses to score 99% of the time!

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FIFA 14 Custom Freekick #1

In this set piece the players on the edge of the box and the three guys at the back post are set up to draw defenders away from the area between the penalty spot and the six yard box leaving enough space for Mr. Inconspicuous by the wall to sneak into the danger area unmarked.

FIFA 14 Custom Freekick  FIFA 14 Custom Freekicks That Will Score 99% Of The Time FIFA 14 Custom FreekickTo execute the set piece you have three players over the ball. The first runs over the ball, the second lays the ball sideways to the third who chips the ball into the danger area to your guy who should by now be in bags of space for an easy finish.

The run over the ball and the lay off both draw attention away from the sneaky runner and if performed just right will have you scoring amazing overhead kicks for fun.

Custom Set Piece #2

Again, Wes uses the players either side of the wall for misdirection leading defenders away from where his danger man will be making his run.

FIFA 14 Custom Set Piece  FIFA 14 Custom Freekicks That Will Score 99% Of The Time FIFA 14 Custom Set PieceHe also sets up with three players over the ball but this time has the first two run over the ball. The first player acts as a decoy run, the second player runs into the danger area and the third plays the ball to him for simple finish having only the keeper to beat.

If you want to get really fancy an alternative to shooting is to pass the ball to your teammate who turns back in towards goal after leading the defenders on a merry dance out of the box.

Custom Freekick #3

The most difficult out of the three freekicks on offer in this video but still very effective none the less.

The player standing in front of the wall is the key man in this set piece with all the other runners again acting as misdirection and leading defenders out of the area you want to play in.

Custom Free Kicks Number 3  FIFA 14 Custom Freekicks That Will Score 99% Of The Time Custom Free Kicks Number 3

Three players line up again. The first runs over the ball and curves his run away from the wall and into space more central to the goal. The second player passes the ball into the man you positioned in the wall who lays it off to the first runner who’s now in space.

You’re now in the perfect position for an easy finesse shot past the poor unprotected goalkeeper.

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If these freekicks help you score more goals and win more games make sure you drop by Wes’s channel and let him know. You’ll find other cool tips and some of the best FIFA 14 skills and goals against division one opponents.