New FIFA 14 Commentator  FIFA 14 Commentators Get New Addition New FIFA 14 CommentatorRight on the back of finding out on the Twitterverse about a new league in FIFA 14 another snippet of FIFA 14 news sneaked onto our social media feed.

Commercial sports agent Nicola Benn tweeted:

“Recording FIFA14 with new voice… Ohhhhh….who could it beeee….”

So does that mean we’ve got a new commentator to look forward to or could it mean something else entirely?

If it is a new addition to the FIFA 14 commentary team the safe money might be with a Sky presenter, Gary Neville maybe, but who knows, maybe we’ll be graced by ITV’s Adrian Chiles and Roy Keane’s natural chemistry.

FIFA 14 Commentators  FIFA 14 Commentators Get New Addition FIFA 14 CommentatorsMaybe not… Sorry Roy.

(Thanks to FIFASoccerblog for bringing it to our attention).