Pro goalkeepers have often been accused as overpowered but in FIFA 13 they’re beatable from range. This tutorial will show you the best way to score past pro keepers from distance. If you’d like to know what controller setting I’m using to get the most control but stay competitive at the top level you can check them out here.

Complete Shooting Accomplishments

Complete accomplishments and get your virtual pros shooting stats up. It goes without saying that if your pro’s got high shooting attributes then he’s going to be a better finisher.

The easiest was to do this is in low man pro clubs matches or in low man drop in matches. Or dare I say it… boost with your mates.

Semi Shooting

The next thing that’s important is to change your shooting settings to Semi.

I can’t stress how much better semi shooting is against manual goalkeepers on FIFA 13 pro clubs. It does take a bit of getting used to and you’ll probably miss a couple of sitters to start with (I missed some howlers!) but once you get the hang of it you’ll open up a whole range of shots that were never available using Automatic controls.

Reverse Shots / Shoot Near Post

When shooting from range shoot back across goal (reverse shot) and aim for the near post.

Shooting across the face of the goal is the more natural shot but Goalkeepers know this and they anticipate that you’ll shoot there. If you can program yourself to shoot near post instinctively you’ll catchall but the very best pro goalkeepers out most of the time.

Once again, if you’ve got any tips of your own let me know in the comments!