It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot since the next generation of FIFA 14 was introduced at the Xbox ONE reveal. “Can you transfer your Ultimate Team from Xbox 360 to Xbox ONE?” The same goes for transferring your Ultimate Team from PS3 to PS4.

With the next gen consoles due out just over two months after FIFA 14’s release on current consoles will EA let you transfer your players and your coins from one console to the next?

There’s one thing that could make it happen but first here’s the difficulties it would have to overcome.

[EDIT: EA have confirmed that you will be able to access your Ultimate Team on both consoles. Click here to find out how.]

Market manipulation

FUT14 market manipulation  Can you transfer your Ultimate Team from Xbox 360 to Xbox ONE? FUT14 market manipulationThe main factor contributing to the unlikeliness of this happening is that the FUT14 market will be open to considerable manipulation.

When FIFA 14 comes out on the Xbox ONE and PS4 the current generation will have more than two months’ worth or players on the market. Because there’ll be a lot more players on the market the prices for current gen FUT14 players will be considerably lower than their next generation counterparts.

Players could create accounts on current generation consoles with the specific intention of transferring their team to their Xbox ONE or PS4 account to reap the benefits of the arbitrage between the two markets. Eventually this will drive the price of players up on current gen consoles making the game unplayable for people that had no intention of moving to next generation FIFA 14.

For EA SPORTS to allow you to transfer your team from one console to the next they’d have to put controls in place to stop this from happening and this presents risks that games giant could do without.

Under The Spotlight

If touting your flagship title as one of Xbox ONE’s premium launch games alongside the likes of Call of Duty Ghosts doesn’t give you high enough expectations to fulfil, FIFA 14 will be under scrutiny of a different kind.

FIFA 13 had a shaky start to the extent that EA SPORTS sent a letter of apology to the BBC and as well as giving their fans a smoother ride this year they’re going to want avoid the attentive eyes of a prying Watchdog.

This means making systems and procedures secure and most importantly robust. With all the other cogs in the wheel I feel that transferring Ultimate Teams from Xbox 360 to Xbox ONE is one over-complication that EA SPORTS can do without.

Saving Grace?

Despite all of this EA have never shied away from a challenge and pushing the boundaries of sports gaming is something that EA SPORTS have become synonymous with over the last decade.

You don’t get to be the fourth largest video game company (by game revenues) in the world without taking risks. (Unless you’re Illuminati… ;)) Is this gaming heavyweight going to be pushed around by meddling investigators.

EA have invested heavily in the new IGNITE engine which they’ve tipped to take FIFA to the next level of awesome and wowing fans with physics, features and innovation seem to be common factors in EA SPORTS release which take precedence over robustness.

But even so, would they be willing to take this risk?

Single Identity across All Platforms

EA Single Identity - True View  Can you transfer your Ultimate Team from Xbox 360 to Xbox ONE? EA Single Identity True View

The one factor that casts doubt in my mind and shines a glimmer of hope ability to transfer your team to your next generation console is EA’s Single Identity.

Back in March we were told how 1,500 engineers took over 18 months to develop a system that allows you to carry a single identity across different gaming platforms (whether it be consoles, PC or mobile). That’s an awful lot of investment into a potentially game-changing system.

I haven’t heard a great deal about the Single Identity since or when EA plan to release it but I wouldn’t be surprised if the timing isn’t far away from the release of Xbox ONE and PS4.

If anything is going to enable the transfer of your Ultimate Team between consoles it’s this but I’m not even sure yet whether EA even plan to include current gen consoles in its plans.

What do you think?

Will you be playing Ultimate Team on Xbox 360, Xbox ONE or both? (PS3, PS4 or both?)

Do you think you should be able to transfer your team and will it affect your decision on which FIFA 14 to buy?