A lot of people that have watched some of my videos have asked about my controller setting and what’s the best setup to give you the competitive edge in FIFA 13. So I put together this video to show you the controller settings I use that give me the most control I can get but still let me be competitive at the highest level of FIFA.

I used these settings across all online game modes including Ultimate Team, Head to Head Seasons and Pro Clubs.

Best Controller Settings For FIFA 13

Auto Switching: Manual

I have auto switching on manual because I like to be in control. You can maybe put Air Balls on but I wouldn’t recommend Auto. Too many times you’ll switch to a player that you don’t want to control.

Auto Switching Move Assistance: None

I have Auto Switching Move Assistance set to None because I might want to turn in a direction as soon as or even before I’ve received the ball. Auto Switching Move Assistance makes the player you switch to continue in the direction he was heading for a split second and in FIFA 13, split seconds can make all the difference.

Passing Power Assistance: Off

If my pass doesn’t reach its intended target I want it to be because I haven’t held the button down long enough, not because EA decides it’s going to pass somewhere else.

Pass Assistance: Assisted

Manual passing is the most rewarding and requires the most skill but unfortunately it’s not competitive at the top level against someone using assisted passing. Unfortunately if you want to win at this level you’ve got to bite the bullet and go assisted.

Through Pass Assistance: Assisted

I use assisted through balls for the same reason as I use assisted passing. I do know some people that prefer Semi through pass assistance but I’ve never felt it gave me a competitive edge. Might be worth a try though!

Shot Assistance: Semi

I play a lot of 11 man Pro Clubs and good manual keepers are a nightmare to score past using assisted shooting. Using Semi shooting opens up a whole new range of shots that aren’t available on assisted shooting and is much more effective against manual keepers. If you want to learn more about scoring past manual goalkeepers you can watch my shooting tutorial to find out the best way.

You can hit first time shots a lot harder too with Semi shooting but volleys seem to be a bit weaker.

It takes a bit of practice but Semi shooting is definitely the way to go.

Cross Assistance: Semi

Manual crossing seems to loop the ball into the box and they take a lot more time to get to your player. Semi crossing lets you whip far more dangerous balls into and across the box and creates a lot more chances. It also give you a lot more control over where your crosses go letting you pinpoint your forwards.

Lob Pass Assistance: Manual

Finally a manual setting that’s more competitive than an assisted one. Manual lobbed passing lets you hit far more direct passes to team mates. The best things about Manual lob passes is that you can hit the ball into space in front of your players and from distance they’re even more effective than lobbed through balls as the balls into space don’t automatically lock defenders on letting your pacey forwards sprint onto them.

Analogue Sprint: On

This gives you more control over the pace at which your player is running. As always the more control you can have whilst still remaining competitive, the better!

Do you do anything differently or do you have any control tips of your own? I’d love to hear them in the comments.