Assemble A Cheap, Pacey Bronze FUT Squad saudi nt

Saudi Arabia National Team – Most of the players in the Saudi League are Saudi nationals.

Most people who play Ultimate Team start by choosing their favourite players, or at least players that they’re familiar with. Want a cheaper, faster way to put together a fast, effective team? Try players from the Saudi League. Because it’s a relatively unknown and unpopular league (FIFA 13 is the first time it’s appeared in the game), decent players can be found for cheap.

Do you play a direct, up and down style? Do you like speedy players? This site uses a Pace Abuse Rating system (PAR) to put together a list of 20 Top Pace Abuse Players from the Saudi League.

The great thing about this particular list is that it’s made up of players with a variety of positions: 2 central midfielders, 7 outside midfielders, 5 strikers, and 6 defenders. Number one on the Saudi League PAR list, (with a PAR of 97!) is actually a defender, RB, Abdulaziz Majrashi, who’s got 92 PACE!

97 Pace Abuse Rating  Assemble A Cheap, Pacey Bronze FUT Squad Abdulaziz Majrashi philosophical fifa

97 Pace Abuse Rating

Although you may not know a lot about the Saudi League, there are some good players there with serious PAR scores. Give it a try, it should only cost a few thousand coins to put together. While a high-scoring PAR player like Majrashi sometimes sells at around a thousand coins, you can frequently find his card available for 200. A lot of FUT players have no interest in the Saudi League and will just dump the cards for 150/200. Remember, the players on this list are not necessarily the best, or fastest players, but they are the fastest for their skill level and usually awesome pace value. Take advantage of this fact and learn a little about another league in the process.