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  1. 1

    dec brad

    surely the only way to stop this, sadly, is to stop the web app and the phone app. youd stuggle to hack the xbox or ps3 software compared to a pc

    1. 1.1

      Craig Cole

      Hopefully the EA devs will find a way to secure it.

      The web app is such a big part of Ultimate Team culture that keeps people on Ultimate Team nowadays, I can’t see them ever getting rid of it.

  2. 2

    Bryan Stirling

    EA is one of the biggest gaming names out, But yet they can get hacked by a firefox add on lmao. Fifa is a absolute con… You spend a fortune on buying packs then less than a year later a new game comes out and u have to start again so the money u have spent has just been a waste, Surely you should be credited from your old fifa to your new edition for all the money u have spent.

    1. 2.1


      its not a waste of money in any way, its an invesment into your own hobby or something that entertaines you and you enjoy doing. For instances going out to a bar on saterday night spending 150 bucks or going to a club, i can go on for hours where money can be spent most people dont spend more then 100 dollars with addons plus game so its defintely worth the money and the following year where excited for the new one because its get better and better every year and ea does an excellent job. I’ve been playing since fifa 04 on Ps2 and now playing fifa 13 its incredible where the’ve taken this game. So who cares if we spend money every year, its definetly worth every penny.

      1. 2.1.1

        Craig Cole

        That’s a great outlook to have Mikaaeel and I agree. FIFA is exactly that for a lot of people, a hobby.

        People spend money on clubbing, fishing, stamp collecting xD and all sorts of other hobbies so if it brings you enjoyment and you’re responsible (i.e. can afford it!) then why not?

  3. 3


    why can u not play fifa 12 ultimate team on the web app nomore

  4. 4

    Martyn d

    Where is the turkisch league.???

    1 team thats sucks……

  5. 5


    My fifa 15 isn’t working on my iPad i open the app and It closes


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