The Wii U makes it’s way to our shop shelves in plenty of time for Christmas and along with it comes EA SPORTS FIFA 13.

FIFA 13 on the Wii U boasts “new ways to play” taking advantage of the Nintendo handheld’s motion controls including:

Lift and Look – lift the Wii U up and get a view from a different perspective during set pieces for example.

Point and Pass – point to where you want to play the ball.

Tap and Tackle – time your moment and tap the screen to make the tackle.

Shake and Shoot – shake the Wii U to take a shot. (We’re not quite sure how the aiming works with this one…)

FIFA 13 for the Nintendo Wii U retails at £39.99Trailer For FIFA 13 On The Wii U ir t ul00 21 l as2 o 2 a B00A76KA34 and is available from 30th November.

FIFA 13 WIIU  Trailer For FIFA 13 On The Wii U FIFA 13 WIIU