Have you managed to get to grips with the new range of free kicks available to us in FIFA 13? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I’ve played against a lot of people on FIFA 13 so far and only a tiny percentage have tried anything “original” or “different” when taking a set piece.

This year EA introduced FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks giving us a host of more options available to us when faced with taking a set piece so it’s a real shame that only such a small number of players take advantage of them especially considering how effective they can be.

FIFA 13 Custom Freekick Tutorial  Score Every Time With This FIFA 13 Custom Free Kicks Tutorial FIFA 13 Custom Freekick Tutorial

3 FIFA 13 Custom Free Kicks

In this FIFA 13 custom free kicks tutorial WessamoRonaldo shows us how to set up and take 3 custom free kicks in different areas around the penalty area with a 99% success rate!

This tutorial shows exactly why we should take more time and put more thought into set pieces.

If you’ve scored a good custom or tactical free kick leave a link in the comments!