Does your controller have bite marks in it? Is your bedroom wall full of head-shaped holes?

Do you run down the street naked throwing things at your neighbours screaming, “It’s &%$#ing scripted!”? (…just me?)

If so then this piece of advice is going to improve your enjoyment of FIFA 13 around a million percent.

The Background – Creating A Level Playing Field

In FIFA 10, if you were 12 goals better than your opponent you’d win 12-0. But those days are long gone.

Whether intentional or not, things like the increased contextual elements in FIFA and the ability to let the AI defend for you, the randomness of things like the impact engine and first touch control, error percentages introduced to passing and shooting all mean that matches between people of vastly different skill levels are no longer a foregone conclusion.

(In my personal opinion, EA’s need for FIFA to appeal to the casual gamer meant that as well as making it the most authentic football simulation on the market it needed “dumbing down”.)

Is that a good thing?

It is if you’re a casual gamer… For the more hardcore gamers though despite making the game more exhilarating, it’s turned FIFA into a blood boiling concoction of frustration, euphoria, relief and rage.

There’s also the argument that it makes the game more realistic. Upsets do happen in football.

Celtic vs Barcelona  My Number One Tip To Enjoying FIFA 13 More! Celtic vs Barcelona

Celtic beat Barcelona 2-1 and stats show that the team on top doesn’t always win.

You only have to look at the stats from Celtic’s recent 2-1 smash and grab over Barcelona in the Champion’s league to see that it’s not always the teams that play “the beautiful game” that come out on top.

I’m sure that even the staunchest Celtic fan wouldn’t argue that Celtic are better than Barcelona but through resilience and playing to their strengths they battled to a heroic victory.

This realism is no consolation to hardcore FIFA players however who feel that by reducing the amount that they’re in control your effectively evening the odds. The problem, they argue, is that by removing 100% control you’re leaving more things to chance and chance always favours the underdog.

On the plus side, over the course of a season true skill will still shine through and good players will still prevail and rise through the divisions but nowadays you’re inevitably going to pick up a few losses along the way.

FIFA’s not like it was a few years ago and that’s why this tip is so important to your enjoyment of the game.

How To Enjoy FIFA More!

So what is this holy grail to heightening your enjoyment of playing FIFA?

It’s simple… Learn how to lose!

What!?!? Are you mad!! Winning is EVERYTHING!

For the record, I’m extremely competitive. I hate to lose!

The difference between me and the majority of FIFA players though it seems is that I can differentiate between when winning’s important and when it’s not.

To put losing a game of FIFA into perspective…

  • I run a business that directly affects the livelihood of my family. Losing’s not an option.
  • If I had a job interview for the job of my dreams and I didn’t get it, I’d be gutted.
  • Playing a game of FIFA – of course I always play to win but if I don’t it doesn’t matter one little bit.

I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear but it’s so true. In the grand scheme of things losing a game of FIFA doesn’t really matter.

  • It doesn’t make you any less of a man.
  • Failing to reach Division 1 won’t damage your career prospects.
  • Chicks won’t stop fancying you just because your win / loss ratio has dropped below 3:1. (In fact, quite the opposite. If you play too much FIFA your relationship could be at risk!)

Unless you’re a professional, winning’s nice but all you’ll have to show for it is some impressive virtual statistics that’ll be wiped clean again next September. There’s much more to FIFA than just winning.

Once you learn how to take a loss I guarantee your enjoyment of the game will improve profusely.


FIFA Rage  My Number One Tip To Enjoying FIFA 13 More! FIFA Rage

I never used to be so blasé about FIFA. It used to wind me up something rotten! A session of FIFA could put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night which would a knock on effect to other areas of my life.

How silly does that sound when you read it out loud? Getting that wound up over a game! But I know countless people that get ten times more wound up than I ever did and from the rage quitters and abuse you get online when you win it seems like people that don’t rage when losing are in the minority.

I still get frustrated when I pass it to a team-mate in acres of space 6 yards away from me and the ball decides to go to a team-mate 30 yards away that’s being marked by 3 defenders. Or every time I’m clean through on goal and my attacker’s first touch goes out for a throw in.

But nowadays I play with a smile on my face. Not only do I enjoy the game more I’m finding that I’m playing better than ever because I’m relaxed, confident and playing with a clear head.

Emotions run high in football and with FIFA’s realism it’s inevitable that emotions will run high in the game. FIFA’s ability to create those emotions is what makes it such a great (and such a frustrating and rewarding) game! But leave those emotions on the pitch and you’ll enjoy the game so much more.

Be Gracious In Defeat

If you lose don’t get wound up, don’t rage and certainly don’t send abusive messages.

Just take a deep breath and think about the reasons why you lost. Learn from it and become a better player then make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again and if FIFA screwed you over, shrug it off and forget about it.

Rise above it and show your class by sending a congratulatory message to your opponent.

“Well played, I’ve never seen anyone contain with seven defenders quite as well as you did.”

Or maybe,

“That tactic you used all game where you lampooned the ball to Walcott and then ran as fast as you could in a straight line towards my goal was genius!”

Ok, maybe be a bit more diplomatic…

If you do have a good game and you don’t come out on top, if your opponent played well send him a message saying “well played”, or “good game”.

It doesn’t cost anything and it makes a really refreshing change receiving a positive message as opposed to a barrage of abuse each time you win.

And who knows, that small courteous display of respect might rub off on your opponent who in turn might display the same respect to their opponents and so on and maybe, just maybe we can make the online world of FIFA 13 a brighter, more amicable place.

Final Thoughts

Remember why you bought FIFA in the first place. To enjoy the game. Leave your emotions on the pitch and respect your opponents (no matter how much of a *&^% they’re being).

FIFA’s an outlet, an escape from the stresses and tribulations of real life. Not the other way around…

What’s the worst you’ve raged playing FIFA?