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    Well goalkeepers are almost the heart and soul of any club nowadays, without them it would become too repetitive and who ever can shoot the most would pretty much win. They have there flaws in regards to making saves without touching the ball and teleporting several feet when the ball is near, but i believe goalkeepers could be more balanced if the auto position is removed, not just LB but the indicator as to where you need to be standing. If feel this would make it much more skilllful and more shots would go in based on that they may get the positioning wrong more often.

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      Craig Cole

      Do you not think that removing the auto position would make keeping too difficult and swing the balance too far the other way?

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        i think it should stay the way it is, REMOVING WILL make it more complicate



          As a Goalkeeper within the game, I personally do not use LB nor take the Auto-Position circle into account at all, so these wouldn’t affect me too much, I can’t say the same for any others though. But removing them would be a big step into making things balanced, and sort the good keepers from the down right stupid ones.

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    I agree with all the suggestions made in the article, but, knowing EA, they’ll need like 2-3 years to introduce some new features and fix GK’s and Clubs mode overall, you’ll see.

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      Craig Cole

      I’ve got my fingers crossed this year. After a disappointing year for Pro Clubs last year (apart from fixing problems) I’d like to think there’ll be some additions on the way.

      Hopefully they’ll be more than token gestures though.

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    Good article, I agree. EA needs to fix them, but if they don’t then remove them.

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    HAHA Funny stuff Craig. You are right though. The positioning makes it SOOO hard to score.

    I have a friend who mastered this. The only way to score is to chip or score a header.

    It’s fairly new feature, and I am confident EA will get it right in FIFA 13. Also suprisingly, most people have no clue how to use manual GKs. Lucky me 🙂

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    I can’t agree anymore, I totally think the filter in FIFA 13 will ruin the pro club game play

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    Anyone that has played keeper can tell you that against a poor club autopositioning makes it easy. Against a good club..sometimes detrimental..autofixing to a corner can throw you off easily with a quick flick or pass. The best players can beat keepers regularly. As a 91 keeper I play very tactically rushing out etc..faking like Im going to cover the man with the ball but lingering mid center with thumb on the right trigger so that i can rush out and block the pass to his buddy coming in on the right.


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