The fundamental ball control mechanism in FIFA Street is Street Ball Control and before you even try any FIFA Street Skill moves it’s important to get comfortable it.

How to Street Ball Control in FIFA Street FIFA Street Street Ball ControlStreet Ball Control allows to manipulate the ball from a stationary position shielding it from your opponent drawing them into a false move.

Once you’ve enticed them into making a move you can break away leaving them for dead.

The main reason to master street ball control is that it’s the starting block for a number of great FIFA Street skill move combos.

So if you want to know how to Street Ball Control in FIFA Street, here’s the controls.

Street Ball Control: The Controls

Hold the left trigger [LT] to enter Street Ball Control. The left thumbstick (LS) will now move the ball to bait a defender. Hold (LS) away from the defender to shield the ball.


While holding [LT], aim the (LS) towards the defender. Release [LT] while pressing [RT] to attempt a Panna.

Ball Control Adjust

Quickly release and hold [LT] to have your player make short, quick movements in the direction of (LS).

FIFA Street Street Ball Control  How to Street Ball Control in FIFA Street FIFA Street Street Ball Control 2

Street Football: Ground Moves

In freestyle football Street Ball Control is called Ground Moves. Ground moves not only fine tune close control and intricate technical ability but is somewhat of an art form in it’s own right.

Take a look at this video to see some amazing examples of ground moves in action.