We’re all extremely excited about the FUT 13 web app becoming available to returning players tomorrow night but up to now EA have been keeping the FUT cards close to their chest. (pardon the pun…)

One thing that looks to be happening though is that PlayStation Ultimate Team players will be inheriting FIFA points from their PC peers as a way to buy packs on FIFA 13.

This looks like one way of getting round not being able to buy packs with real money on the Ultimate Team Web App.

In this FUT 13 preview TheFIFALabMK sheds some light on FUT 13 “FIFA Points” and provides us with a price guide showing us what we can expect to pay for FUT packs in FIFA 13.

Click here for more details about FIFA Points and how to use them.

[EDIT: We’ve since had confirmation that the FIFA Points prices in the video are incorrect and are not final. We’ll update you with more details and the accurate prices as soon as we have them!]

[EDIT 2: The video we originally brought you has unfortunately been taken down, probably because it was from the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team BETA version and frowned upon by the powers that be. We’ve replace it with one by TheFIFALabMK]

FUT 13 FIFA Points  FUT 13 Preview: FIFA Points And Packs Price Guide FUT 13 FIFA Points