FIFA Street Basic Skill Moves  FIFA Street School: Basic Tricks FIFA Street Basic Skill Moves

You don’t learn to run before you learn to walk.  Just like you need to get to grips with the basic tricks before you really embarrass your opponent by bringing out the big gun skill moves.

This edition of FIFA Street School guides us through the fundamental FIFA Street skill moves. Learn them all and you’ll already be strides ahead of most of the players you’ll come up against online.

Step Over

String step overs together to keep your opponent guessing which way you’re going to go.

Body Feint

The body feint is used to send your opponent one way whilst you skip past the other.  As with the step overs body you can perform feint combos to keep your opponent guessing.


The roulette lets you spin past your opponent and change direction ultra fast.  This move’s best performed just as the defender tries to put a foot in.


A personal favourite of mine just got better in FIFA Street!  As well as the basic rainbow flick shown in the tutorial EA SPORTS have thrown in a tonne of variations of the move.

Flip Flap

The Flip Flap is a lightning fast change of direction designed to send the defender the wrong way.

Stand Ball

I’ll be honest – this one confused the hell out of me.  A new skill move that looks like it’s more show than substance.  You literally stand on the ball and then break out in one of a number of exit moves.  I’m sure it’ll be effective in FIFA Street but if someone did that against me in real life I’m pretty sure it’d end up in an injury.

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