We all know that FIFA Street is going to be a smorgasbord full of skill, flair and panache but how’s it all going to come together?  Creative Director, Gary Paterson, is back to tell us about the FIFA Street Game Modes that we’ll be rainbow flicking our way through in the latest preview FIFA Street video. (You can see a description of the game modes below).

The game modes have come about after Gary and his team toiled around the likes of Rio, Amsterdam and London to ensure they brought us plenty of depth and authenticity.

Take a look at the Game Mode video which contains plenty more FIFA Street Gameplay.

Game Mode Preview Video

FIFA Street Game Mode Details


It is what you think it is.  Five players in a team, two halves of 3 minutes.  Score more goals than the other guy to win.

Panna Rules

Each Panna (nutmeg) is worth 3 points, each Air beat is worth 2 points and each beat is worth 1 point.  The points go to your bank until you score.  If the other team scores first you lose your banked points.


Futsal is played 5-a-side in stadium environments.  There are no walls so you have to watch your shots and passes.

“(FIFA Street is the) First football game in the world to have Futsal so it’s another big win for us.”

Last Man Standing

Score a goal and lose a man.  Last Man Standing is all about trying to be the first team to lose all their players.  Played with 3 – 4 players and no goalies.

Custom Match

Create your own rules.  Decide the number of players, if there’s a goalie, how you score and more…