FIFA STREET Free Your Game Trailor  FIFA Street Free Your Game Trailer FIFA STREET Free Your Game Trailor

With the exciting news of Street Network in the upcoming release of FIFA Street we’ve all been itching for more action!  EA SPORTS have obliged in the form of this FIFA Street Free Your Game Trailer.

The visuals look stunning and the level of detail that has gone into scenery is immense!  Let’s hope the final gameplay lives up to it.


“Anybody can score goals, but can you do it in style? In FIFA Street you’ll get the chance in true, freestyle football/soccer. Do you toy and dance with your opponent or are you straight to business? Play with and against the stars of the most popular clubs and real-life street players in more than 35 locations around the world. FIFA will hit shelves on 3.13.12 on Xbox 360 and PS3”