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    It’s a great game mode, the pace needs to be reduced slighty though and made more like H2H seasons. I still have players and coins missing from 2 weeks ago..

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    I just wished they would have done an Android version of the FUT app as well.

    1. 2.1

      Craig Cole

      The initial announcement of the iPhone app said an Android one was being developed but would be out later in the year. (I think…)

      Who knows if that’s still the case with resources being dragged to deal with other unforeseen things.

      Fingers crossed though.

      (and let’s not forget Windows phones ;))

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    No mention of the fact that, despite EA putting messages on their website (https://help.ea.com/article/i-cannot-access-the-fut-web-app-locked-error) and Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/EASPORTSFIFA/with_replies) to say that they’ve fixed the problem, there are still thousands of users locked out of their FUT accounts because of the security question?

    It’s disgraceful. EA is a joke. Don’t tell customers you’ve fixed a problem when you clearly haven’t.

  4. 4


    One of my players has been trapped in my watch list for a week and I can’t get him out when I try to remove him it just says ” cannot connect to ultimate team servers” on ps3 computer and the iPod app. HELP!!

    1. 4.1

      Ewan Currie


      Apparently this has now been successfully addressed

      “Stuck and missing items in the FIFA Ultimate Team watch list and trade pile”

      1. 4.1.1
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    Nice review. I like your point about more transparency about how team chemistry actually works.

    It’s a bit of a dilemma because the idea behind Chemistry is that its’ a subjective, abstract measure, yet it’s obviously built on a mathematical formula and given a rating out of 100 (similar to player morale).

    I predict there will be more factors included in the next release of UT, making it a little more dynamic. Hopefully more complex, but also more transparent.

    1. 5.1

      Ewan Currie

      Yes absolutely! You actually just put into words what I was thinking about putting into the review but couldn’t phrase it like you did. I like how we are all speculating about FIFA 14 a month after the release of FIFA 13 🙂

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    creating ultimate team is a great idea, but not having the knowledge of maintaining it and consumer acceptance is another great deal. On FIFA12 FUT mode, that was awesome and we thought we could have something as interesting as that this year on FIFA13 or even more. but its not the same cos players dont get injured, so opening packs is just a waste of time since you know theres not going to be any sale from the items you get from opening packs. and also the season mode should be taken away so we can concentrate more on which players we could get for each weeks tournament and not just get a particular squad and keep playing the season. i will need EA to look into this as it is a great concern to us.

  7. 7


    What’s in the special packs? Are they worth 15K coins?

  8. 8


    I cant get into fifa 13 ultimate team web app because its telling me i need to buy the game online when ive already bought it

  9. 9


    Fifa 13 ultimate team is a load of *****, the team chemistry is total bull **** waist of time as is moral , ultimate team is far too crazy to believe as in 20min played and its 4-3 , WHAT? is this for real . How many 35+ yard shots can go in in one game .The score lines is way way unreal even the poorest of players can win as it seams shot and you will score .Every game seems like a cup final . Team chemistry “WHAT” is this dose it even work and what happens to your team on 100% chemistry . al tell u nothing , how can it , do you get luckier will the keeper spill it to your strikers feet will you win more fouls or pens ,no so why and how dose it work

  10. 10


    I have lost items in the trade pile also sold items in trade pile that I did not get rewarded for.. Wish ea would refund me the coins that i earned and did not get.. I did file a complain more then 1 month ago and by now its clear to me that they could care less..

  11. 11


    Game-play flaws aside,of which there are many, I was recently hacked 1.7 million coins, changed all my details and then was hacked a week later a further 266k. Ea take 20 days to process a case, at the end of which they are unlikely to compensate. Furthermore, my account is now entirely redundant; someone can access it at any point, regardless of my efforts to keep my account secure. Ea are a disgrace, driven by money. A game based around exploitation of teenagers, gambling and false incentives is heading in all the wrong directions.


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