Those pesky tight marking defenders. How am I going to get past them? With a flick over the back of course!

The flick over the back is a variant of the famous Bergkamp flick and can be performed either when the ball is passed to you in the air or after flicking the ball up to yourself.

FIFA 13 Tips - Flick Over The Back  FIFA 13 Tips - Flick Over The Back FIFA 13 Tips Flick Over The BackPerforming the flick is really simple, when receiving the ball just flick the right thumbstick in the direction that you want to flick the ball and if the context is right your player will flick the ball over his head (and if he’s marking tight enough, the defender too).

The creator of this great tutorial, Calfreezy, knows that you may already be aware of how to perform this skill move but also goes into detail about when best to use the trick.

Calfreezy also promises more FIFA tips in the series and we’ll be sure to bring them your way.