Free kicks in FIFA 13 have been given a long overdue facelift. FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks introduces a 3rd kicker into the mix creating a wealth of new options.

As well as the previous free kicks you’ll now have the ability to perform up to two fake shots and the run over players will now even become passing options.

The addition of FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks will certainly get those creative juices flowing.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what wonderful set pieces you come up with on the training ground.

FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks  FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks FIFA 13 21

FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks

Defending FIFA 13 Tactical Free Kicks

No longer will you be charging a defender back onto the goal line in the hope of clearing the ball from the only part of the goal that your keeper can’t reach.

The need for balance means that along with the new options for attacking set pieces comes new options for defending them.

In particular the wall has become more dynamic.

You will be able to jump the wall at any time and it will reform and let you jump it again. (If you’ve got time…)

You’ll also be able to add another player to the wall.

The most interesting part though is that in FIFA 13 you’ll be able to edge the wall forward!

What!? EA have introduced cheating! What next, diving like Drogba? Kneeing people in the arse a la Joey Barton?

Alas, none of the above.

As entertaining as this might be EA have to make sure that the ref’s intelligence is up to scratch with everything that’s in the game (something they’ve worked hard on this year) so wall edging only I’m afraid.

Make sure you do it when the ref’s not watching though or he’ll push the wall back or even issue cards! (Be careful if you’re already on a yellow…)

Editorial Opinion to follow.

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