FIFA 13 Pro Clubs News  FIFA 13 Pro Clubs News FIFA 13 Pro Clubs News

We were treated to some FIFA 13 Pro Clubs news during Gamescom by way of EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter.

(You can get our Virtual Pro Accomplishment Tracker here)

Here’s the run down:

  • Is this the end of hacked Pros that plagued the Xbox? Hopefully! Only time will tell…

  • Great for the purist and players with a lot of time on their hands – Bad for players with other commitments but still want to compete at the top.

  • Human goalkeepers are one of the best additions to FIFA for a long time but there’s no doubt they were overpowered. Hopefully this will go some way to making them more realistic.

  • Play for promotion and to avoid relegation. Make every game count! Will this mean they’ll be less picking and choosing of opponents or are teams more likely to back out if they’re facing promotion / relegation and they match up against a tough team?

  • Overpowered AI or more in game realism. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • We understand that this will be automatic (like for like) rather than a searchable option. Should even the odds and make for more competitive matches.

  • Sounds like you’ll have to think about how you want your Pro to turn out.

  • God help us at the start of FIFA 13! 😀

  • Looks promising – it’s always a challenge trialling players and risking losing that valuable, hard earned XP.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting club customisation this year but I’m sure Pro Clubs fans won’t mind what with all the other additions.

All in all a positive step in the right direction for arguably one of the most realistic game modes in FIFA 13 and much more Pro Clubs news than we’re used to getting this time of year.

Clubs fans, let us know what you think. Are the new additions what you were expecting or did you have other ideas?