Learn all of the new skill moves introduced to FIFA 13 in Marius Hjerpseth’s FIFA 13 New Skills Tutorial video.

I’m sure you’ll remember Marius from when he brought us his early skills tutorials in the last edition of FIFA (and a whole lot more).

This year he’s been working closely with the team at EA (both with FIFA Street and FIFA) and was lucky enough to get access to the full version of FIFA 13 in order to create this great new skills tutorial.

The footage is from the PS3 version of FIFA 13 and all of the skill moves and the awesome editing are performed/done by Marius himself.

The FIFA 13 New Skills Tutorial: New Skill Moves

The new skill moves tutorial video shows 2 new Flair Passes, 1 new Acrobatic Shot and some Examples of the new Complete Dribbling.

The featured skills and the attributes needed to perform the moves are:

  • Reverse Elastico – 5 Star Skills
  • Hocus Pocus Pass – 68-99 Short Passing
  • Precision Dribbling – Any Player
  • Fancy Fake Shot – Any Player
  • Ball Roll Flick – 5 Star Skills
  • Fake Shot To Stop – Any Player
  • Fake Shot Pass – Flair Trait
  • Face Up Dribbling – Any Player
  • Reverse In Air Elastico – 5 Star Skills
  • Backheel Shot – Acrobat Trait

FIFA 13 New Skills Tutorial  FIFA 13 New Skills Tutorial FIFA 13 New Skills Tutorial

Marius not only performs all of the skill moves with flair and panache but he also demonstrates the controls used to do each one.

Once you’ve watched the FIFA 13 new skills tutorial you’ll be in good stead to tear defences apart going into the FIFA 13 demo which will be available on 11th September.

You can also see the full list of FIFA 13 Leagues and all 46 International Teams in FIFA 13.

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FIFA 13 New Skills Tutorial Xbox 360

The FIFA 13 new skills tutorial video for the Xbox 360 is now available below.