After the introduction of Xbox Kinect commands to FIFA 13, understandably we were a bit skeptical as to whether it would be a bit “gimmicky” or whether it would add any real value to our FIFA experience.

This latest FIFA 13 Kinect Trailer however puts our mind firmly at rest.

FIFA 13 Producer, Ian Jarvis, demonstrates the FIFA 13 Kinect commands that look to add a lot of value to the game and are  effective and intuitive enough to become second nature in no time.

FIFA 13 Kinect Trailer  FIFA 13 Kinect Trailer FIFA 13 Kinect Trailer

Being able to make substitutions on the fly and change tactics without pressing a button will go a long way to making matches far more fluid and giving team-mates attacking and defending instructions in Be A Pro Mode along with the improved AI in FIFA 13 should make the gameplay so much more rewarding.

FIFA 13 with Kinect enables you to use voice commands to manage your club’s line-up and tactics without pausing the game, shout directions on the pitch in Be A Pro, and forces you to temper the way you talk to officials!