To give you some indication of how big a deal EA think that FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling will be they’ve compared it in stature to when we went from 10 dribbling directions available to us in FIFA 09 to the 360 degree dribbling available in FIFA 10.

“5 times bigger than precision dribbling”

This now has some living up to do!

So What’s Revolutionary About It?

They’ve separated the movement direction from the facing direction.

In FIFA 13 you’ll be able to dribble in any direction you want whilst separately facing in any direction.

  • 360 degrees of movement
  • 360 degrees of facing

“360 Degree Mobility”

360 degree mobility enables you to sidestep defenders whilst keeping your body facing the danger area and therefore increasing the effectiveness of your shots.

Rather than having to turn away from the defender and hit a weak shot at a 90 degree angle your player can keep his body open posing more of a threat and making striking the ball so much more effective.

The separation of the direction you’re moving to the direction you’re facing is the key to being able to do this.

Facing Up Defenders

With FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling you can now face up to defenders whilst dribbling and move laterally using changes of direction and pace to skip passed them.

You’ll be able to do all this whilst keeping your player facing in a dangerous direction or you can use it to shield the ball away from the defender.

Whilst shielding the ball your player will be able to position his body more effectively making it much more protective of the ball.

At the moment these types of moves are only accessible to the experienced players that have taken the time to learn the skill moves and how to use skilled dribbling.

One of the aims of FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling was to make the moves performed by the stars accessible to all gamers.

To do this EA have made all dribbling controls contextual. All this can be done just by moving the left thumb stick!

This will no doubt appeal to casual FIFA 13 players but may ruffle a few feathers amongst the hardcore FIFA community that have taken the time to learn all of the controls.

Button controls are still there though giving you even more options.

Shielding the ball is now also contextual and those of you that pull both triggers to guide the ball out of play will now see that action rewarded as your player will now recognise what you’re trying to do and shield the ball out.

FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling  FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling FIFA 13 61

FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling enables you to keep facing in a dangerous direction.

Improvements To Precision Dribbling

In FIFA 13, whilst you are precision dribbling you’ll now be able to manoeuvre the ball around with the right thumb stick.

Those of you familiar with FIFA Street’s Street Ball Control will already be used this however the movements in FIFA 13 look to be effective but a lot more subtle.

The new FIFA 13 precision dribbling allows for tighter, finite control and gives you the ability to wrong foot defenders in relatively tight spaces.

FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling Summary

FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling looks like it will ramp up FIFA’s control system to another level.

The way your player will open up new ways to take on defenders and open up a lot more dangerous opportunities in front of goal.

The key thing that EA made sure of when implementing FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling was to preserve the momentum of the player.

The contextual effects of Complete Dribbling will allow you player to turn but will not affect the speed that you’re going. (Therefore, you’ll have to gauge how fast you want to enter a situation based on what you want to achieve).

They want nothing restrictive meaning that nothing contextual will interfere with the speed you are controlling your player.

Another plus side to complete dribbling is that, like skilled dribbling, it looks like it will work well against the overuse of contain defending making defenders think harder about which direction you’re going to take.

First impressions tend to suggest that casual gamers will benefit the most from this FIFA 13 improvement but experienced players should still have an advantage from the extra options they’ll have with button control.

So what do you think of Complete Dribbling?

Editorial Opinion to follow.

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