EA SPORTS have made an official response to the recent report on FIFA 13 on Watchdog.

The BBC consumer affairs program, Watchdog, followed up on a number of complaints of bugs in EA SPORTS’ flagship game including grievances from 14 year old Semir from Suffolk regarding occurrences of an invisible ball and invisible players making the game “rather frustrating”.

Semir also spent £20 of his own pocket money on FIFA Points to buy gold packs to find better players improve his Ultimate Team but the next day those players were gone.

A student from London, Alec, also reported a bug in FIFA 13 Career Mode where the game would crash and freeze at the same date in the calender every time he waited for the next game to load turning his screen black.

Despite EA SPORTS being extremely active on both their forums and on social media both Semir and Alec say that they feel that their complaints were ignored by the company.

FIFA 13 On Watchdog  EA SPORTS Official Response To Watchdog's FIFA 13 Report FIFA 13 On Watchdog


EA SPORTS’ Official Response To Watchdog

The following is EA SPORTS’ official response sent to Watchdog Producer, Helen Collins.

“Thank you for the opportunity to provide information related to FIFA 13 in the UK and your upcoming segment.

FIFA 13 has been the most successful launch of a sports videogame in history and the biggest videogame launch of 2012 to date. The game sold more than 4.5 million copies in its first week around the world, including more than 1 million copies in the UK alone. Since its launch in late September, it has been the top selling videogame in the UK. Just as important, the game has been universally praised for its quality and innovation, as evidenced by the volume of positive reviews from the leading media and gaming outlets in the UK. For many years, FIFA has been recognised as not only the biggest sports game on the planet, but as the videogame franchise that sets the benchmark for quality, innovation, and connected online services.

The quality of the FIFA game is delivered by one of the most experienced and passionate development teams in the industry. In addition, our game goes through a rigorous, year-long testing process that logs thousands upon thousands of hours of evaluation to ensure a high quality experience at launch and all season long.

Our fans have engaged with FIFA 13 in record numbers. On any given day, more than 1 million online game sessions of FIFA are played by our fans in the UK. But as with any product or online service with such a high level of traffic and popularity, there will be some circumstances where fans experience challenges or issues. And as with any online service, our game is also dependent on many other factors, such as online access and availability at the customer’s location, to ensure the best experience.

We are constantly listening to our fans and asking for their feedback to help us identify issues and assist us in prioritising the improvements to our game. We do this via our social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, our FIFA online forums, and our Customer Experience team. We encourage all our fans to follow us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page so that they get the most up-to-date information. We provide transparent and frequent updates to our fans via these channels, such as this item from last week which provides extensive detail about the improvements and fixes we are delivering for FIFA 13:


In summary, we have already delivered improvements to FIFA 13 to address issues in online connectivity, addressed key issues in game modes like Career Mode and FIFA Ultimate Team, and are actively addressing customer issues related to transactions in the game that have not been executed properly, such as missing coins or FIFA Ultimate Team items. Since we released a major update to the game on October 19, we’ve seen reported game crashes and other issues drop by more than half.

We have received reports from our fans of rare occurrences where the ball in the game does not appear. Our team continues to investigate these rare events and we will communicate directly with our fans once we have more information.

Our commitment is to not only address issues and necessary fixes to improve the FIFA experience as quickly and effectively as possible, but deliver new services and new content all season long. The process of improving the game experience for our fans is a constant one, and our team continues to work on additional improvements that we will implement and communicate in the coming days and weeks ahead. We know that we have significantly improved the FIFA experience for our fans in recent days, and we fully expect that to continue as we develop and implement additional improvements and fixes.

We understand that some fans may wonder why we can’t fix all the known issues at once. That’s a fair question and the answer isn’t quite as simple. We are delivering improvements and fixes in such a way to ensure the millions of people playing FIFA 13 do not experience undue or overly lengthy network/server outages, that title updates and other improvements are done to a high quality, and that we’re confident the changes will improve the FIFA 13 experience for everyone.

We look at all enquiries an individual basis and are investigating the two cases you have brought to our attention, and will be in contact with them directly. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to provide this above information, and we welcome Watchdog to come over to the studio in Vancouver to see all the processes and procedures in place to ensure we’re delivering the best game possible for consumers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.


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