Garreth Reeder EA  EA SPORTS FIFA Producer Garreth Reeder Interview With Garreth Reeder EA

EA SPORTS™ FIFA online producer Garreth Reeder spoke to recently about what inspires the team to deliver new and exciting changes to FIFA each year and where they get their ideas from for improvements and new features year after year.

Garreth talks about how valuable the feedback they get from the top players is, how quickly they adapt to new games.

He also mentions how the more accessible and fun format of the FIWC will enable the best players to rise to the top.

When asked about what we can expect from FIFA 14 Garreth replied,

“I can’t comment on the specifics of the next edition but I can tell you that the EA SPORTS™ FIFA philosophy is to refine the features that are in the game now to ensure high quality, respond to the feedback from our fans so that we can prioritize the things that matter most to them and finally to innovate new features so that every year we create unexpected or surprising things that change the experience. There are some fantastic features in FIFA 13 but we have a massive list of things that we can do better and things that we want to achieve for next year.”

Despite looking forward to new innovations each year, it’s great to know that the development team at EA SPORTS™ are committed to refining the current features to make the game more smooth and balanced.

As Garreth says, the team listen, get inspiration and prioritise the things that matter most to the community so get vocal and constructive in the comments and let us know what you like and dislike about FIFA 13.

You can read the full Garreth Reeder interview here.