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  • EA deal another blow to coin sellers by removing club names from the transfer market.
  • New 11 Man Division One Pro Clubs video out on our YouTube channel.
  • EA are working on resolving the FUT connectivity issues on Xbox.

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    Nice post, I find that Nationality is easiest to get high chemistry, I have had most luck with this!

  2. 2


    I’m pretty new to UT and it seems that my player’s contracts have run out, how do i get contracts?


    1. 2.1

      Craig Cole

      You can use coins to buy contracts in the market or get them in packs. Good luck with UT!

  3. 3


    I went with a brazilian team, and it was quite easy to build up a very competitive squad for little money.. However, I felt it was time for change, so I’m now building a Argentine squad, which is even cheaper (although I use Brazilian defenders, because I find Argentinas defenders too slow)..

    The problem that I am incountering is that there is very few managers for Argentine squads, which makes it very hard to find a manager with the right formation.

    I want to add to your blog, that you said that you normally only have 2 managers (one for team talk and one for formation), I don’t quite know what the team talk does, but what I do know is that it is benificial to keep more “contract managers” in the club as these add up.. For example if you got 3 gold managers stored in the club, then you get a 9 percent bonus on contracts.. So I’ve got loads of “contract” managers.

  4. 4


    Thanks for the information. Especially about the managers effect. A question: Is the chemistry personal or teamwise? I mean, Team A: Total Team Chemistry = 90. Aguero, personal Chemistry in this team = 6. and, Team B: Total Team Chemistry = 90 again. But, Aguero, personal Chemistry in that team = 8.

    Will Aguero play better in Team B, or will they be same since the team chemistries are equal?

  5. 5


    Is it better to have a team of average players (83 rating ) and have a chemistry of 100% or to have a team with many highly rated players ( 88 ) and a low chemistry?

    1. 5.1

      Craig Cole

      I’d much prefer to have 83 rated players and 100% chemistry. Your team will defend better as a unit and your players will take up much better positions and make better runs going forward.

      If you have 88 rated players but low chemistry your going to have to work so much harder with those players because you’re not going to have options available to you when attacking and defensively players will be out of position.

      If you want to play attractive, passing football choose high chemistry. (then win games to get more coins and eventually have both ;))

  6. 6


    I have an all Brazilian team which is rather decent with most players around 80-85. After seeing similar teams online, I saw that many people had 2 Brazilians from different leagues with a dark, green line.. like Marcelo and Lucio. I have the same players in the right formation and position but only get a yellow line. Some of them get a bright, green line when they are in the same league but I have none with a dark, green line. What’s wrong?

    1. 6.1

      Craig Cole

      Hi, have you got a link to your team and I’ll take a look?

    2. 6.2


      It’s changed now, that’s why you will be confused. After the UT update, Dark Green no longer exists. It’ll be BRIGHT GREEN for perfect formation + position + connection with other players. But if they’re in either 1. The wrong formation, 2. The wrong postion or 3. Don’t link with other players next to them. The Boot/Formation/Link Line will now be ORANGE not Dark Green. Hope this helped

  7. 7


    Right, so i’ve previously done a La Liga down the left, BPL down the middle and a Serie A team down the right. My LCM in a 433 was Kaka, CM was Nasri and RCM was Robinho. Minus the fact that Nasri had NO connection at all, the two brazilians never passed to Nasri and always missed him out when passing in midfield. From what i can remember they did anyway. Is this right? If i’m playing him in the right formation + position, but no connection, does that mean they’re basically useless? I’ve wanted to do a hybrid team for a long time but theres always ONE player i can’t find to connect up with and don’t want the risk of him basically being useless.

  8. 8


    Mr Craig Cole, can i have two ut teams . If yes, how?

    1. 8.1


      hi aamir you can have two teams. you need to go on squad selector and create new squad. let me no if it works and good luck fellow ut player!!!

  9. 9


    hello everyone i have a really great bit of advice for the players who want to score many goals in a match. get the 3-5-2 formation. the reason is your opponents defence will mark the CAM and one of your strikers. the other one will be left alone for you to play a through ball (chipped or ground pass) and score your 1 on 1. it is important for your strikers to have pace so they get away when they are unmarked. i score many goals this way and an example of a team which i use is a full france team with strikers remy and benzema who both are very fast and have a lethal finish. it is only about 9000 coins for both of them aswell. reply to this message if it works!!!!


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