This is easily the BEST and EASIEST way to make coins on FIFA 12 Ultimate Team that I have come across so far.

First we brought you 5 Ways to Makes Coins on FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.  If that wasn’t enough we brought you another 6!  Different techniques work best for different people but I’m going to share with you my Number One, best way to make coins on Ultimate Team!  I’ve had much more success and made coins faster using this technique than anything else I’ve tried.

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It’s not the most exciting technique, it requires a lot of patience and I’m going to have to warn you – you’re going to need a few coins to start with (if you haven’t got many yet you might be best checking out some of our early posts on making coins).  About 20,000 should do it…  (You can probably get away with less to be honest but it won’t be as easy).

As the saying goes: “It takes money to make money!”

The method is simple.  Buy a large quantity of the same player cheap and then sell them for more coins.  Sounds easy?  Well it is as long as you do your research.

Find Out How Much a Player Sells For

The important part of this coin making technique is knowing how much the player you are going to trade reliably SELLS for.  This is different than looking at the market and seeing how much people have put the player up for.  75% of the players listed probably won’t get bought.

The reason you need to know how much a player reliably sells for is so you know how much you need to buy the players for in order to make a profit.

The way to do this is to fill your watch list with the same player, see which ones sell and for what price.

If you’ve recently bought a player for your own team you’ve probably done a bit of research to get a good price before buying.  It might be a good idea to start with this player because you’ve done half the work already.

The Buying

Once you’ve chosen which player you’re going to trade and decided the price point at which you’re going to buy, hit the transfer market and purchase a large quantity of the same player.  The more you can buy the easier it will be to make a profit.

Be disciplined!  Don’t get drawn into bidding wars.  You’ve decided on a price point.  Try not to go over it or you’ll be eating into your profits.

First up, search for Buy It Now’s (BINs) for less than your price point.  Next search for auctions for less than your price point.  Be the first to bid on them.  Be realistic but don’t be afraid to throw in some cheeky bids.  Other people don’t like to get drawn into bidding wars too so if they see someone else has already made a (realistic) bid most of the time they’ll look elsewhere.

Try the 59th Minute technique too.

The Selling

Once you bought a large number of the same player, put them all up one the market over a short period of time.  Because you’ll have a large market share in this player you can charge a bit more than the going rate, effectively raising the players going rate.  Other sellers will see lot’s of this player at the price you’ve set, assume this is the going rate and put theirs on the market at a similar price.  You’re effectively price fixing the market and if people want to buy your player, they’re going to have to pay your prices.

(It’s a good job the Ultimate Team market is regulated by the FSA… ;))

You’re players aren’t all going to sell in one go and you’re going to have to keep relisting them over the space of a few days but you’ll get rid of them all eventually.  Just keep dropping the price slightly if necessary.

My Own Experience

Using this technique, I bought about 40 Ivanovic’s for between 1,500 and 1,800 coins and sold every one of them for between 2,900 and 3,200 coins making over 60,000 coins profit over a few days!

I spent about 66,000 coins and made around 126,000 coins – that’s over 90% profit!

Another Experience

Whilst building my Ultimate Team Everton squad I went to buy Royston Drenthe, a silver left winger with 90 pace.  When I searched for him, every single Drenthe was being sold by the same guy for around 90,000 coins.  EVERY SINGLE ONE!

This chap had obviously picked up on the fact that he was one of the fastest Silver players on the game and snapped them all up at a reasonable price.  Because he had all of them he could charge whatever the hell he liked.

The Risk

You’ve got to speculate to accumulate and speculation doesn’t come without risks.  With this technique you’re gambling on ONE player – putting all your eggs in one basket.  If you get your numbers wrong you could be left with a lot of players on your transfer list that you’re unable to sell without making a loss.

This stresses the importance of doing your research and knowing how much players sell for.

Tips on Using This Ultimate Team Coin Making Technique

  • Work with friends to buy up more of the same player.  The more of the market share you can snap up and sell over a short period of time, the more you can price fix.  If there’s demand for the player and you’re the only one selling him you can up the price and people with assume it’s the norm.
  • If you’re price fixing, throw in a couple of players at a slightly cheaper price so people feel like they’re getting a bargain.
  • Don’t worry too much about player formations.  Obviously popular formations will be easier to sell but there are plenty of people out there that don’t even check formations so your players will sell eventually.
  • If there’s a big game coming up, look at targeting a player that’s involved.  If they have a stormer you’ll see their price rise in the market.
  • Try buying a quiet times of the day (like when everyone’s a work, college or school or in the middle of the night…) and then sell at peak times.
  • Do your research!!!

Have you got any coin making success stories or been burned in the market?  Share your experiences with us in the comments!