Carlo Ancelotti has tipped Fernando Torres to find his form and insists he is ‘the future of Chelsea.’

The Blues paid £50m for Liverpool’s No.1 striker on the dramatic last day of the transfer window but did Chelsea get value for money or were Liverpool laughing all the way to the bank?

Let’s see what EA’s stattos think!  (You can check out all of the English Premiership’s player ratings changes here).

Attribute Updates

The first thing we notice is that Torres isn’t as sharp as he was previously.  With Reactions down a huge 8 points the new Nando seems sluggish compared to previously.  He’s still a handful when the ball’s loose in the box but he just doesn’t feel like the whippet he did before.

Acceleration and Sprint Speed are both down a point so he’s not quite as quick out of the blocks but at 90 and 85 respectively the strikers still got enough under the bonnet to get away from all but the fastest defenders.

Stamina’s also down a point but I couldn’t tell any difference.

The only Physical Attribute stat that has improved is balance which means he’s harder to knock off the ball now and he’ll need to be.

Positioning’s down a point from before the update and rather unfairly in my opinion.  In real life he’s still been getting in some great goal scoring areas but he’s been unable to put the ball in the back of the net.  If any statistic should have been decreased it should have been his finishing…


In conclusion, Fernando Torres is still one of the best strikers on FIFA11 but he’s no longer a cut above the rest.  A mere one point reduction overall may not seem like a lot but instead of being one of the “top” few forwards in the game, he’s now back in the mix with a fair few others like the likes of Tevez,  Forlan and Fabianski.

Do you think that this is a fair reflection of Fernando Torres? Are there other players you’d like me to analyse?  Let me know in the comments!


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