EA have now opened up their new Official EA FIFA12 Forum.  Well, it’s actually just one section in their existing forum entitled “Intitial Discussion”.Official EA FIFA12 Forum is Open ea forum

It’s already going strong with threads right from SweetpatchTVs #wishfifawouldbe Twitter Revolution all the way to Higuain’s Hair!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been on the Official EA Boards half as much as I should have really.  In the past I’ve found there to be too many trolls lurking around to spread negativity on even the most innocent threads.

This year however I’m going to put my preconceptions aside and really give the boards a chance so if you see me around on there make sure you say hi!

The opening of the forum coincides with EA’s release of the first official FIFA12 Screenshots so I’d imagine the cobwebs have well and truly been blown off the EA marketing team.

Official EA FIFA12 Forum is Open ea fifa12 forum