Romily Broad on Twitter has just released these new features to the Pro Clubs mode of FIFA 12.

The information comes after a lot of unrest from hardcore Pro Clubs fans at the lack of new features and attention the FIFA 12 Pro Clubs has received.

New FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Features

  • Friends records has a dedicated screen.
  • More player stats in Clubs for Midfielders and Defenders.
  • New My Pro menu in Clubs for ease access to editing your Pro and viewing accomplishments.
  • Top speed for small Pro’s has been dialled back a touch.
  • Added some long term, tough to get accomplishments Virtual Pro accomplishments for the hardcore fans out there.
  • Tuned unlocks so that the cooler items are obtainable by better players (shoes, gear, etc.)
  • Tuned some of the accomplishments and added a few new ones around lay off passes.
  • Better reskinned hub screen. Bigger area.
  • Tuned matchmaking to prevent games between clubs too far apart.

So what do you think???  Are you happy with the changes or did you expect more?  Let us know…