With a of the hype surrounding FIFA Montage Madness it got me reminiscing about all of the great FIFA videos that I’d seen over the last couple of years and there were 5 in particular that stood out in my memory so here they are:

Fifa 11′ On Target 1.0′ Online Goals Compilation

by FifaRalle

FifaRalle raised the bar when he released this video and it received a lot of love from around the community.  As it stands it’s received nearly 37,000 views which is quite an achievement.

Kung Fu FIFA 11: Bloopers, Mishaps and Epic Fails

By Wepeeler

Wepeeler is definitely on of my favourite directors.  He brings his unique style and humour to each of his videos and is always coming up with original ideas.  He really engages and values his subscribers.  Definitely go and check his channel out.

FIFA 10 – Ronaldo The Terminator (HD)

By Marius Hjerpseth

Ok, it’s a FIFA 10 video but there’s no denying it’s one of the best.  Editing like this was unheard of back when Marius produced this and he quickly became know as one of the very best in the business and we can see why!  Marius video’s are few and far between compared with some of the other guys on the scene but my God, they’re well worth the wait.

Underrated Fifa Player – Ep.1


I know we’ve only just featured iDUELi’s Underrated Fifa Player – Ep.1 video on UltimateFIFA but it’s that good looking I’m including it again.  I love the effects that iDUELi brings to the table and I’m certainly looking forward to episode 2 of Underrated Fifa Player.

FIFA – “Best Of 2010”

By Ph1lp0tt0

Last on my list is Ph1lp0tt0’a FIFA – “Best Of 2010”.  It may not have the fancy editing and effects of some of the others but there’s no denying that this kids got skills.  I love this video for the sheer variety of skills included and how deliberately each move is excecuted.  Genius.

Anyway, I know there’s loads of videos that I’ve missed (apologies!) but these were my personal favourites and the ones that really stood out in my memory.

Leave the links of your favourites in the comments and I’ll put another post up soon with some of the best!