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    Hi, the virtual pro in fifa 11 is not save for the 12?

    We’ll do a new player .?

    1. 1.1

      Craig Cole

      Yep – time to start those accomplishments and mould your Pro again from scratch.

      Can’t wait for this series! 🙂

      1. 1.1.1


        Hey Question and if anyone can answer please do! 🙁 I’ve been in my pro career in fifa 12 now. 5 different clubs, two of which I became legend in, player of the year 4 years in a row, 224 goals in 224 games ( I’m sure some of you have done better) lol but I’m stating that because I’m guess it is a factor in your career. After my last season with Manchester City I was 31 years old. Won every cup I ever played for with those 5 clubs. So new season comes around and I only get offers as a Manager! no longer a player 🙁 nobody will take me as a player only Manager positions. Has this happened to anyone else beside me? It’s frustrating because I did not finish all of my accomplishments and my overall stayed at 87. So now I have to continue a career as a manager without a choice…it is awesome! but its not fair :/

  2. 2

    Clark HD

    Looking into getting a capture device to create some videos this time round =)

    1. 2.1

      Craig Cole

      That will be great! Should be some really valuable tips.

      I really hope the EA have sorted out all of the connection, glitch and boosting problems that FIFA 11 had because Be A Pro and Pro Clubs definitely has the potential to be the most authentic game mode on FIFA 12. It doesn’t get any better than 11 v 11 if it works… *crosses fingers*

      http://ultimatefifa.com/2010/hauppauge-hd-pvr-sony-vegas-best-render-settings-tutorial/ 😉

  3. 3


    Nice, thanks Masters 🙂

  4. 4


    Agreed with everything you’ve said above.

    1 Quick Question I have for you.

    I know this was an issue at the start of FIFA 11, I’m talking about the length of characters that are allowed for club names. This really ticked off alot of people, most notably AoF – Academy of Football which was used perfectly in FIFA 10, why EA cut down the characters allowed to be used is beyond me. I would like to know if you heard of any news on this, is it back to normal like FIFA 10, we could use up to 20 characters, now it’s only 15 or so, quite dissapointing imo, less creative club names these days!

    1. 4.1

      Craig Cole

      I’m guessing the number of charactors was capped to fit into the leaderboard designs on FIFA 12. I’ve not heard anything about how many charactors your club name can have on FIFA 12 but I’ll try and find out…

  5. 5


    You can go into game setting and tweak both user and cpu setting so getting accomplishments in this FIFA will be too easy and exploited too much.

    You can set player sprint speed, pass and kick speeds, shot and pass error margins, goal keeper overall ability, throw and kick power for goalie, tackling ability and much more.

    Just turn down the cpus setting and somewhat increase use stats. DO NOT DO 100%!!! The passes atre too fast, your guy runs too fast and shots are overpowered too easy!!!!!

    1. 5.1

      Craig Cole

      Yeah – I’ve been using the sliders. Defeats the object of having accomplishments but you can score from anywhere if you put your shooting right up and the CPU keeper right down lol.

      Get’s your stats up but it’s boring as hell 🙁

      1. 5.1.1


        Some achievements (in off-line play) can only be be gotten while in career mode. Can your pro still earn those achievements if you are playing against another person, but still in your career mode?

  6. 6



    Can you control your own player as you wish?

    For eg. Start an exhibition match and select only your created player and control him?

    ON Pro 2011, you can start a normal league or an exhibition game where you control everything. You can add your player into the team and go on ” Side Selection ” and click ” Fixed “.

    Then select your player and play within the team.

    Is this the same with FIFA 12?

    Also, when you create your player, can you make his stats as good or as bad as you want?

    Eg. I can make my player really shit and all attributes at the bottom, or make him amazing and all attributes at the top?

    Thanks for any help

    1. 6.1

      Clark HD

      For the last 3 years FIFA has had the virtual pro mode allowing you to create your own pro as you like from the way he looks, position he plays right down to the boots he wears.
      It’s quite in depth with height, weight etc effecting certain stats bur in order to unlock the best out of your player you need to complete accomplishments for example “score 2 in match” would add +1 shooting ability.
      You can use him in any exhibition match for any club you wish to play for or even start a season campaign. The real beauty is joining a club of your own creation and battling online in 11 v 11 matches against other pros. http://www.fvpa.co.uk offers a great website for just this where you can join clubs, play with like minded people and get your club well know.
      A neat option is to go onto the EA website upload a photo (gameface) and download you very own face onto your player.

  7. 7

    Clark HD

    I should add yes you have the option to just control your own player across all game modes.

    1. 7.1


      Thanks for the reply. It’s appreciated.

      So in order to make your player above average statistically, you need to get acheivements etc …

      BY the way. I never play online. Offline only is what I am talking about.


  8. 8


    I have a problem with my Pro… Each time I do some accomplishments… It restarts from scratch when I turn of FIFA… Anyone knows a way to solve this?

  9. 9


    yeah mate i keep getting the same thing its doing my head in!!! can anyone help?? ive got 26 man of the mathes but apparentley in my accomplishments book ive only acheived 3?? wtf!!! HELP PLEASE!!??

  10. 10


    yea i’ve had this problem A LOT! so annoying, does anyone know what’s caused it? score a volley in a game, free kicks etc

  11. 11


    After you’ve done accomplishments go into the edit pro screen, when you exit the edit pro screen it will save any progress to your pro.

    1. 11.1


      mate ive tried it, trust me, but i think its because you have to be playing at home or something, when someone knows for defo, then tell me!!! hahaha, sounds really sad but its annoying

      1. 11.1.1


        you have 2 go 2 exit. then save and exit and overwrite your saved game every time you leave.

  12. 12


    FIFA 10 and 11 had the same issue with some accomplishments not saving and it was addressed in the first patch of each game. I’ve found by checking each accomplishment after they unlocked during a match they saved but have had no issues in FIFA 12.

    Finally if you’re playing online the accomplishments only unlock if you are the HOST of the game or if you are playing in the HOSTING side of a clubs match. Hope this helps.

  13. 13


    See i only found out about the sliders today, ive worked my nuts off with my pro to get him an 84 striker and i was wondering why people were so good. bit sad really.

    (Big striker looking to move to a world class club or good team orientated player to join the summit, benji186769, on ps3, add me

  14. 14


    can you buy your virtual pro i career mode, and if you sell him can you then play as him in the team who bought him?

  15. 15

    Andy Hennessey

    When i play on the pro club team for some reason my virtual pro isnt in the game i am some one else but i still get accomplishments for my player… anyone know what the deal is with that. I play with my friends and they have their player but mine will come show up as a random person

  16. 16


    can u get accomplishments when u have no online acount?

  17. 17


    Hi i have a question about fifa 12.
    i have been the best fotball player of the match every time i play but i never get on the weekly best or the month best player. anyone know why ?

  18. 18


    Yes u don’t need online to unlock acclombishments
    Also wen I play online against random people I use a team that my pro is in and wen I play thew natch he ent
    There anybody help me please?

  19. 19


    right i have been doin my accomplishments and i got them to 74 but i have done more since then and on the accomplishment sheet it says i am 82 which is right but it still says 74 on the team management does any1 know what this is about?

  20. 20

    sam crabtree

    can you play for national side eg England in become a pro ? i play for liverpool but i remember last years one you can play for england but not sure if you can in fifa 12 HELP ???

  21. 21


    hey i have a question,

    when you play as a manager en you’re vitrual pro is in your team al is wel but when you get an offer en you go to another club, your vitrual pro just doesn’t come along like in fifa 11. Then when i try to find him on the transfer list, i can’t find him, he just vanished.
    how can you move to another club and get your virtual pro to go with you?

    1. 21.1

      Craig Cole

      You have to choose a player manager contract I think. If you just choose a manager one your Pro isn’t a player anymore (just a manager).

      Got to be careful accepting those contracts.


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