FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Tournaments  FIFA 12 UT Tournaments FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Tournaments

As you may be aware by now there are a number of leaked documents doing the rounds regarding FIFA 12 Ultimate Team including player stats, manager stats etc.  The documents haven’t come from the usual reliable channels and EA haven”t confirmed if they’re accurate but we’ll put them up for you to take a look at and see what you think starting with Ultimate Team Tournaments.

Remember though that even if the info has come from EA (especially the demo) it’s still all subject to change by the time the final version is released…

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FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Tournaments

  • GamesCom Invitational
  • Inter City Cup
  • Federation Trophy
  • Tournament of Nations
  • Copa del Rio
  • Ultimate Team Shield
  • Bronze Star Shield
  • Silver Regionals
  • Advanced Cup
  • Bronze Regionals
  • Kick Off Challenge
  • Tri Nations Tournament
  • Highlands Challenge
  • Youth Challenge Trophy
  • Silver Journeymen Cup
  • Bronze International Trophy
  • Club Trophy
  • Lower League Open
  • Underdogs Cup
  • Reserves Invitational
  • Cup of Nations
  • Platinum Multinational Trophy
  • Gold Regional Cup
  • Five Star Open
  • All Star Challenge