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FIFA 12 Skills Tutorial: Scorpion Kick

FIFA 12 Scorpion Kick Tutorial

Want to learn the techniques involved in performing the Scorpion Kick in FIFA 12Ben Moxey has produced a very detailed FIFA 12 skills tutorial highlighting all the factors involved scoring using the Scorpion Kick.

The tutorials a little long winded but you can’t fault the detail.

Bear in mind though that the Scorpion Kick in FIFA 12 is a contextual skill move.  This means that for the player to pull this skill move off a number of other external factors need to be just right.  E.g. the height and angle of the pass, the players speed and direction etc…

So with that in mind don’t be disheartened if you don’t pull this off straight away!  It is still quite rare.

The tutorial video (by Ben Moxey brought to us by FIFA 12 community channel SASportsGaming) certainly shows us how to stack all the factors in our favour and if you pull this skill move off your friends will be amazed!

[Edit: There is now a more up to date "Tried and Tested" FIFA 12 Scorpion Kick Tutorial available]


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Well its pointless if you cant attempt it as a save. Thats why we all know of it because of the goalkeeper, so goalkeepers should do them too.

Craig Cole
Craig Cole

I'd like to see that! Would be great in Pro Clubs (although imagine if you messed it up lol)

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