EA Servers Not Available  FIFA 12 Pro Clubs - The Flipside of Less New Features EA Servers

While the FIFA community sits and scowls at the lack of features in the upcoming FIFA 12, I am thankful that they’ve finally realised their limits.

Now let’s be honest, FIFA 11 was and is a great game.  But with the terrific gameplay came a lot of problems this year.  A large number of them having to do with online head to head and pro clubs.

In my opinion, EA have made a very good decision to not “recreate the wheel” this year.  Instead, they’ve chosen to put their efforts towards fixing last year’s online server problems (so they say).

Now i haven’t had really any problems with the servers this year but that’s just by dumb luck.  The average head to head or clubs player most likely won’t exactly rave about the servers.  Let’s face it, they are a problem. 

FIFA 12 Pro Clubs

Now let’s talk pro clubs.  They were revolutionised this year and i absolutely love them.  The ability to have user controlled keepers is a major gamechanger.

But what happens when the keeper (and half of the team) is disconnected from the game?

Now imagine all the smiling faces that Fifa 12’s developers can wake up to if simple issues like this were fixed.  That would certainly hold us clubs players off until fifa 13 i think.

And i’m not saying that there should be no disconnections.  It’ll always happen.  But if the percentage of disconnections could be cut down by even 20%, that would be a massive improvement in my book.