FIFA 12 New Skills Tutorial  FIFA 12 New Skills Tutorial FIFA 12 New Skills Tutorial

Now that you’re getting familiar with the FIFA 12 Demo why not try your hand at these skills in Marius Hjerpseth‘s FIFA 12 New Skills Tutorial!

The video features the new skills moves:

  • Elastico Chop
  • Reverse Toe Bounce
  • Bergkamp Flick
  • Scoop Turn
  • LATW

It even features real skill moves from the main man Marius himself and the guy’s got moves!

“The “Bergkamp Flick” is by far one of the most difficult skills in the game. The controls are fairly simple, but it’s very rare, because it can only be triggered in a specific situation. You need to have a player behind you, close enough to give you pressure, and the ball has to be at the perfect height. Timing is also very important.
To keep the video nice and simple I excluded some exit angles for the Scoop Turn. I only show two of them in the video, but you can exit in any direction by moving the L stick.

Skill overall have changed a bit this year. The improved physics make it so that the ball behaves differently every time you perform a trick. So remember to keep that in mind.

Hope you find this video helpful.