On the back of bringing you the FIFA 11 – ComboBreaker by lilchav montage video we had to bring you this amazing BarcaBoy edit by XBR4Da.

FIFA 11 Barcaboy  FIFA 11 "Brasilver Superheroes" Online Goals Compilation FIFA 11 Barcaboy

In Barcaboy’s own words,

“Many of you asked for a goals compilation so I took what I had on my hard-drive and decided to give you a compilation. I’ll be the first to admit these goals aren’t great but xBr4da done some fantastic editing. Bare in mind this guy is only 14yrs old. He has a bright future ahead and I personally what to thank him for putting such time and effort into this.”

Wow, the editor, XBR4Da is only 14 years old!!!  This guy truly has got talent and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on his future videos!  If you want to too then make sure you subscribe to his channel.

(And if you haven’t already, give Barcaboy a sub too ;))

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