More FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Tips  6 More Tips To Make Coins on FIFA 12 Ultimate Team More FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Tips

In the second part of his FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Tips series, Unique Riggers goes on to give up 6 more great tips to make coins in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team!

If you haven’t made enough coins in the first 5 tips to make coins in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team, Unique Riggers come back with 6 (yes 6!) great techniques to make even more coins.

Again, try each of the techniques out and let us know which ones work for you.

And remember, making coins gets easier – the more coins you already have the easier it is to make more so stick at it and you’ll make your Ultimate Team fortune soon enough.

In this episode Unique Riggers talks us through the following coin making tips:

  • Discounted 100K Players
  • Formation and Position Cards
  • Bronze Players
  • Discarding Inform Players (My favourite)
  • Buying 72+ Rated Shiny Silver Players
  • Stadiums and Similar

More FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Tips

Discounted 100K Players

Try get players worth over 100k on the cheap.  The best way to do this is with trade offers.  Offer players that aren’t worth the value of the other card and hope the seller accepts.  The seller might not know the value of the cards that you are offering in exchange and might not have time to check them out.  You can also try bidding but this doesn’t work as often.

Formation and Position Cards

These can sell for a lot and some people don’t realise that.  Use the 59th minute technique and you may be able to find some bargains to sell on.

Bronze Players

Check their value before discarding them as a lot of them can go for around 10k.  Especially look out for bronze players with pace or 4/5 star dribbling ability.

Discarding Inform Players

Informs Discard for a lot – You can discard Inform Gold players for over 9000 coins so try and buy them cheap and discard them for profit.  You’ll be surprised at how many people don’t yet know this…

Buying 72+ Rated Shiny Silver Players

Buy shiny silver players that are 72+ rated for 250 coins or less and discard them for a small profit.

Stadiums and Similar

You can discard gold shiny stadiums and position cards for over 250 coins, so try and pick them up for 250 coins or less.

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[EDIT: You can now read my personal favourite, quickest way to make coins in Ultimate Team.  Make sure you’ve got a few coins already though…]