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Article 1 – The Debut

Welcome to the debut article of PROSPECTIVE.

Hopefully in future weeks, this series will offer playing tips and insights into being a pro clubs player in FIFA 11 through my own strengths and experiences.

Before I get started I’d firstly just like to say I don’t class myself as a world beater at any level I’m just an enthusiastic and massive fan of the clubs side to FIFA. My only experience comes from playing the games since the 16 bit era on the Sega Mega Drive through to this years edition.

I’ve also played for two successful division 1 clubs in FIFA 10 the second of which I now co-manager and play for in FIFA 11. What you will find here are just my own opinions and experiences and hopefully some people might find them useful.

Still interested? Let’s get started then with a quick look at passing and what you can use to your advantage.

Passing Basics

FIFA 11 introduces the all new Pro Passing where pass accuracy is determined by the gamers ability on the control pad, the controlled players skill, as well as the situation and urgency on the pitch, yielding a deeply rewarding passing system. Poor decisions or over/under striking the ball will mean error-prone outcomes.

Now a lot has been made in recent weeks about the effectiveness of this feature but it is noticeable and I’m sure you’ve encountered the frustration of passes going astray. Online I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen someone try to play a first-time pass down the wing, about 15 yards away and with their back to the player. You could sometimes get away with doing these types of passes in FIFA 10, but you can’t in 11 – because you can’t in a real game of football.

FIFA 11 has the ability to identify which passes are realistic and adjust the balls trajectory to suit, creating more errors limiting the ability to just ping-pong pass up the field.

FIFA 11 attempts to be the most realistic interpretation of the game to date and so the approach has to be more realistic too. Keep in mind during a match what is and isn’t possible in a real game of football and as a player you will only get stronger.

The main advice I can offer sounds painfully stupid but possession really is the key to successful play. By using quality efficient passing and movement, linking up play between team-mates and letting the ball do the work you’ll find that you gain the upper hand in a match a lot quicker. Doing this however even on the assisted settings is a little bit tougher.

Try to play the way your facing and don’t be afraid to knock the ball back it doesn’t have to to be a direct forward facing attack every time. Also take the time to look at your players body stance and the situation, is he in the right position and does he have the stats to make that first time pass or does he perhaps need a touch into space first or to control the ball. Another situation to be aware of is that players with poor balance often fall over a lot more when turning to make a pass straight after a sprint resulting in a softer pass than you might expect.

The Radar and LB Button

I myself use to neglect the resources that were staring me right in the face to my advantage and it’s easily done when your caught up in a game. The two main resources I’m talking about that will benefit your possession play are the radar and the LB button.

The radar is a great tool for looking for that open man and pass. When you find yourself in a tight spot or crowded out by your opponent a quick glance often lets you see that switch of play that might not be visible on the actual game screen, and is extremely useful for knowing when support is in the box or arriving letting you know whether to put that vital cross in first time or hold off for a few more seconds.

There’s a lot of debate about whether the LB button has any effect at all. Many say it’s a hidden control and I tend to agree having used it since FIFA 09. I believe when receiving the ball holding this button down allows for a better and tighter control of the pass, EA are notorious for hidden skills and this might just be another one, try it for yourself and see what you think.

I know what I’ve talked about seems very basic but I’ve really been trying to emphasize how beneficial it is to rub out those old FIFA games bad habits. In the past I think any avid player can admit to aimlessly pressing the pass button and a direction thinking a man will be there to collect the ball and knowing it will get to him. I honestly feel it’s because of repetition, FIFA has had the same passing mechanics for years but this time it’s changed stick to the basics it’s the best way.

Thanks for reading and good luck on the pitch. Feel free to leave any comments and questions.

Gamertag – Clark I HD

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