Real Madrid’s Kaka, chosen as part of an iconic group of 17 football stars for FIFA 11, delivers a message to all fans of the FIFA series.  I can’t help but think he may have needed help remembering his lines…

He managed ok with “I’m Kaka and I’m in the game” and “EA SPORTS, it’s in the game” but either a really hot chick was standing at the side of the camera or he had to read his core lines:

“Get ready to play me in the best football game ever, let’s get ready for FIFA 11”

The Brazilian demonstrates that acting (and probably reading) aren’t really his strong points but we’re not worried about that. It’s not his first language after all. (You try learning those lines in Spanish or indeed Brazilian). Luckily his performances on the pitch are far from amateur and it’s the professionals ball skills that EA have taken on board to sell the upcoming FIFA 11.