I must admit that the majority of my time on Fifa is spent playing clubs. In my opinion it’s the most complete footballing experience that EA provide. I manage and play for a club called JoobloFC (the name came from an old domain name I had lying around and thought I may as well make use of… therefore you can catch us at www.jooblo.com – *nice plug*).  We were quite succesful in Fifa 10 reaching the dizzy heights of division 1 on a few occasions and like many other clubs we spent the last few weeks of September building a good, committed squad and preparing for the Fifa 11 campaign.

I’m sure you can imagine how gutted we all were when we finally tried to get started. The list of bugs is hard to believe.  Not being able to find matches, getting locked out of dressing rooms and having to sign out and back in, unplayable lag and getting kicked from games.

More recently we’ve had some success playing with just 2 or 3 players although one of us invariably lags but trying to play with any more players just isn’t happening.

I’m trying to stay positive because offline (despite a few niggles that are currently being addressed) the game plays brilliantly.  I’m sure when clubs is up and running properly I’ll be addicted again but at the moment all of the problems have really taken the shine off what should have been the creme de la creme of football simulation.

I’ll monitoring the situation with interest so I’ll keep you updated but you can check the thread on the EA forums here.  Although there are a lot of constructive information about the bugs there’s also a lot of people slagging off poor EA with my absolute favourite comment deserving it’s very own post! (You’ve got to check it out!)

What’s the latest???

Anyway – The latest dev update on the 12th October:

– Deploying new online code to our TEST servers, that should perform better at peak and allow easier match-making, esp. in Clubs; once we’re happy with it, we will deploy to PROD;
– Fixing more online exploits (World/Classic XI);
– Compiling and testing the code for already-fixed issues;
– Working with our partners towards a patch date.

I’ll have a look what this means and what we can expect in more detail before the next update.

I’m guessing you’re all having the same trouble.  What do you think about the whole thing??? *opens big can of worms…*